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The atc schedule has come to an end, wich is great news for controllers. But many pilots were worried they didn’t get to fly in controlled airspaces. I know pilots should look in #live:events for that, but there just aren’t enough events. I think there is a great way to easily solve this. If any staff member would create a topic where controllers may post where they will be controlling, pilots would know where to fly and controllers can expect more traffic. This shouldn’t be mandatory.
I would suggest making this topic just like ‘atc at home’ was made.

This is also better for the controllers, because they get to keep their freedom of choosing which airports they control and there is more traffic at that airport.
With the way it is now, the expert server is looking more and more like solo mode to pilots.

I hope I explained my idea well and I really hope this will be created on the forum.


I agree it does feel kinda like solo mode


You do have region tracking topics, mostly found at the top of ATC
Here controllers can let you know when they have opened an airport.

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See the following topics above please. 🙂