[Topic Can Be Closed] IF Doesn't Connect to LiveFlight Connect

Hello! Today, I had to reinstall the simulator because of some technical issues, which lead to this. After reinstalling IF, I restored all my settings and one of them is ticking the box next to “Enable Infinite Flight Connect”. After that, I launched LFC and waited for it to connect to IF, but it never did. I then went to the Controls tab in IF and looked for the button that says “Use networked joystick”, but it was missing (from what I’ve noticed, it’s there whenever “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” is ticked, but do correct me if I’m wrong).

I can confirm that both the phone and the PC are on the same network and Infinite Flight Connect is enabled.

Does anyone know what could cause such a glitch?

Hi there! Would you mind confirming that your firewall allows LiveFlight Connect to use private and public connections/windows? Also make sure that your antivirus or network isn’t blocking ports 10111 or 15000.

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Hi! I just doublechecked to be sure, LiveFlight Connect is allowed to use private and public connections and no ports are being blocked.

Update: It fixed itself in some mysterious way. Thank you for the help, this topic can now be closed.