Topic Bumping and Spamming

Hey IFC 👋

The reason I’m making this topic is because I’ve started to see a big increase in topic spamming and bumping happening with different threads.

Instead of posting 3-15 replies, please try to incorporate your message in 1-2 by @‘ing the people or quoting everyone so that you don’t spam the topic with replies that could’ve been put in less.

I used to do this, and am still guilty of doing it at times until I was told by some users that it’s spamming the topic. For more assistance and Information regarding bumping, please check this topic. (I would’ve bumped this topic instead of making a new one but it’s closed)

Let me know what you think about topic bumping and spamming!

Cheers guys!

You’ve lost me here. You don’t want to bump, while also wanting to bump and also spamming is bad?

Yes though, I have noticed an increase of reply amounts throughout topics, 90% of which are not constructive in any way.


No, I meant like the occasional bump is ok but constantly it isn’t.

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Why is all of your text centered in this topic? It’s kind of odd for something that is supposed to be informative and formal.


Closing this for 2 reasons:

1.) Sending fellow community members a PM about possible spam is fine and a kind gesture.

2.) This is the exact intent of the discourse flagging system. Simply flag the comment(s) and give the moderation team an opportunity to review the concern.

Thanks for your input,