Topgottem’s update thread

Here are my upcoming plans & future projects for 2023!

I am some what of a lazy person, but a progressive one. So expect this to take time, but it will get done.
I plan to get multiple projects out this year! Most of them were for myself, until I realized It could help many of you out there. So with some support I made this update thread to show all my projects current and upcoming!

Make sure to come back daily! Progress reports will be next to the corresponding project, and updated regularly!

So without further-a-do I present to you my project plan of 2023!

  • New Spotify lists * (48%-all playlist starting to be toped off with songs!)
    I will spend some time every day adding songs to 8 playlist of different genres. Two of them will be for long and short flying. I am trying to make them perfect with that travel vibe in them. They are planed to be released sometime latter next month in late February. This will also come with a album cover competition, where YOU guys will vote for the album covers! A collaborative will also be released for all the members in the IFC to join in on and contribute too!

  • IF aircraft profile charts * (4%-test format made, final format postponed as I get data)
    For a vary long time I have been meaning to come out with specialized profile charts for some the planes in Infinite flight. The ones I have now, have a vary bad layout, so will be making new ones from the ground up. I am a vary paranoid person that loves realism , so this Is mainly for my self but I will also release them to the community because as of now I have not found good profile sheets on the form. Also why I haven’t flown that much either. This is continuously in the working so I would say the *pre release time is in mid April. Keep in mind that this is a massive project that will take time. However I will be posting sneak peeks pretty soon.

  • How to map the paces you’ve been too, Topic * (0%-not started)
    As you may know my profile banner is a map that I made with all the routes and places I’v been to in IF. I’v some gotten questions on how make one, witch I briefed in my old bio. But it dose not do it justice on how to use the map, save it, create, ect. So mid 2023 I will make this as it’s fairly low on the the agenda.

  • ACT tracking thread * (14%-format being chosen)
    This is just a idea because I am not yet IFATC. However I am in the process of becoming one. I had past my test initial, but I had a LV2 violation because I was afk with Vnav on……
    Anyways I control KSFO alot, and volunteer to man ATC quite frequently for TS events. So the idea here is to make make a topic of my upcoming controlling hours. But I don’t have much demand for it, so it will probably only be made when the other are done.

When ever I get a project done it will be announced here, and will most likely have it’s own dedicated topic.


better share them with me


Oke there still in the makings Theres only about 20ish songs in each rn

Progress report 1


  1. I’m almost done with the Spotify playlists and i will be starting on the Infinite Flight playlists soon as I have songs to cherry-pick.

  2. I am currently struggling with the flight profiles project due to not have enough motivation and struggling to find resources. I would love any recourses for the following planes C172, Q400, CRJ-200, CRJ700, DC-10, MD-11 And the F-22. I am also looking for good editing sites to make the final profile chart, any recommendations is appreciated.
    (Totally not spoiler on what planes are coming first)

  3. I am thinking of finding a new site for my flightlog map, so this topic will be postponed for now

  4. I am experimenting with controlling update formats for this project while I wait to become IFATC.