Topaz Sharpen AI Showcase - 10/23/2019 @ KEWR

About a year or so ago, I took a trip to Washington DC and on the way there passed Newark Airport. This was with my old camera, a Nikon D3000, on a lens that did not have autofocus. Shooting out of a moving vehicle on the highway with manual focus was very interesting, leading to a lot of blurry photos of various quality.

Enter Topaz Sharpen AI! I had heard about Topaz Sharpen and was going through some old photos and figured I’d give it a shot. It’s advertised as fixing motion blur, focus issues, and sharpness. The rest of the edited photo such as color and exposure and such were done normally in lightroom. Check it out at Sharpen AI – Topaz Labs if you want. Y’all can judge the results for yourselves, but I am very impressed.





Edited(pay attention to the “United” lettering on this one to really see the difference):

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Equipment Used:

Nikon D3000
Nikkor 70-300mm


Is this a topic or an advertisement


ungang gang

you used the old camera 🙄


uh both because I’m running out of photos and also topaz is insane

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Cool shots.

@Z-Tube take a look here.

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Is there like, a magic button I can press that does everything for me on topaz or does it actually take effort cause I don’t do effort. Also how much does it cost? Cause the difference that has made us amazing

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It takes a little effort but not that much it’s just a few sliders. And it’s fairly expensive, $80 per software I think.


Awesome editing Guxk! The United one looks amazing

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It’s pretty expensive and you just have to mess around with a couple of sliders or just press the auto button and it’ll do it for you. What I did was edit everything else in lightroom first, export it, import into Topaz and then it did the magic.

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I wish I could edit like this. All my photos just turn green. Love the shots though!

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