Top Ten Primary Airline Liveries (@SimCaptain/@SimFO Collaboration)

Hey guys, for this list I decided to collaborate with my brother, @SimFO, who gave me a second opinion and helped to keep this as unbiased as possible. Without further ado, here are the top ten primary airline liveries. (Note: some of the images came out larger than the others, and some were cut off. Sorry, there was nothing that could be done about it.)

Photo credit Each of these images are the property of their respective airlines.

TEN: Hawaiian Airlines

This purple-pink combination reflects the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. This sleek design was introduced in 2001, and the grey flowers across the side of the fuselage were added in 2017.

NINE: Southwest Airlines

Southwest unveiled this beautiful livery in 2014. It is a rework of the beautiful blue, red, and yellow color scheme that Southwest planes have born for years.

EIGHT: Air New Zealand (All-Black)

The main reason this livery made it into the top ten was because of its jet black design (no pun intended). It is one of the only straight black commercial airline liveries, and it stands out as one of the best. It was introduced in 2014.

SEVEN: Lufthansa

Lufthansa has had the same livery concept for over one hundred years, but in 2018, they made their first revision in nearly 30 years. This change takes Lufthansa from far up our list to number seven.

SIX: Fiji Airways

There’s just something about this livery that just screams sleek. We can’t quite put our finger on it. Maybe it’s the brown/black combination or the sleek lettering. The first livery in Fiji Airways’ short life, it was unveiled in 2012

FIVE: American Airlines

This livery majestically reflects the classic red, white and blue American flag. It is topped off with a sleek silver finish across the fuselage. American introduced this livery in 2014.

FOUR: Aer Lingus

The unique color combination is brilliant, and the shamrock represents the heart of Ireland. This beautiful livery was introduced last year.

THREE: Etihad Airways

This is the kind of livery that just takes one’s breath away. The combination of the gold, brown, silver and white are ooh-and-aww-worthy. Etihad introduced it in 2014.

TWO: United Airlines

Under a year ago, United introduced this sleek new livery, abolishing the livery that they’ve had since the bought Continental Airlines. We know a lot of people like hating on United, but just admit it: this new livery is just pure beauty.

ONE: Alaska Airlines

The old Alaska Airlines livery was (in our opinion) boring. But in 2016, Alaska Airlines released this absolutely stunning blue-green color combination. This beautiful scheme, along with the unique Eskimo on the tail that represents the beautiful state of Alaska, puts this livery number one on our list.

Feel free to put in some constructive critisism. WHEN YOU ARE COMMENTING, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS LIST IS BASED OFF OUR PERSONAL OPINIONS. However, we are planning to hold a people’s choice list, but we need more sleek liveries. We really want your ideas, so please nominate a livery by PMing either @SimCaptain or @SimFO. (Please do not nominate a livery that is on this list.)


Please make sure you give every image the creators credit or source. :)

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Each of the images are the property of their respective airlines.

Top 10?.. going from 10-19?

Also @Asher pretty sure these are all from the respective airlines’ media gallery and websites.

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Despite that I’m pretty sure you still need credit since they aren’t yours. I’ll let a moderator confirm the information when they see this. ;)

Oh wow, I have no idea how that happened. I will fix it.

Something whacky happened on IFC’s side. I changed it to lettering to fix it.


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Oh my this man put United at number 2? And just allowing Lufthansa to get away with a single color euro white? Unreal.



Sorry you feel that way. You can always PM me with a nomination people’s choice top ten and vote when the time comes

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What the…?

How is Hawaiian 10th? They deserve to be among top 5!

Along with that, where did Emirates, Qatar, Icelandair and Garuda Indonesia go?

I could go on with Virgin Atlantic, Delta, ANA, Singapore and so on… but I’d be biased there


Emirates and Qatar did make the top fifteen but was not in our final cut. Like I said, you can shoot me a PM to nominate a livery and vote when the time comes.

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BMI in the background:


(You never said operating airlines😉)

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United’s new livery is one of my all time favorites!

Gotta also agree with Alaska as #1, just being an Alaskan! 🙃

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Finally, someone agrees with me!!


Gotta go and agree with #1, Alaska Airlines’ new livery is the best modern-era livery in the aviation world. Great list here, awesome job!

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Thanks so much @Butter_Boi!

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