Top Suggested Routes For 2023

A few years ago I flew this flight on Delta’s 777-200LR. Also, this flight is usually 13 hours but it depends on the winds and stuff.

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Ok, i used sim brief for times, I’ll, change it thanks

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New Update!

4 New Short Haul Routes!
5 New Medium Haul Routes!
3 New Long Haul Routes!
2 New Ultra Long Hauls

New Contributors:

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All Of Your Have Been Added, Thanks!

@Wonderousbuilder641 , Two Of you routes have been updated!

Have A great Day!

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I have some general aviation routes


KPBI-Lake Ocachobee




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thank you, needed very much.

Also here is a long haul

Keflavik-New York JFK

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Just to point out, you got the aircraft wrong

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fixed, thanks

Lets Get Some More Routes!

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Can you add my route?

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I believe it is done.

I have a suggestion. Since this is such a good idea, this page will no doubt grow. Hence, I recommend splitting it up into categories like GA, Long Haul have their own page.

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Two of my favorites are;

Qantas 778 A330-200/300 from Perth YPPH to YMML (3 hours)

Van Nuys KVNY to Aspen KASE on the Citation X / Challenger 350 (1:30hrs)

fictional A220 routes

KCHS-TLPL/Breeze A220/Aprox 3:50/MXY290
KPVU-KSCK/Breeze A220/Aprox 1:30/MXY281
EVRA-UGSB/Air Baltic A220/BTI905/Aprox 3:55
CYUL-KSNA/Air Canada A220/ACA757/Aprox 5:50

yea your has has been added, it was Hong Kong to Singapore if i remember

Great idea, I’ll will have to utilize that soon!

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@Its ^^ (10 chars)

Yes! Yes! Yes!


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No problem!


Westtray → Papa Westray
Flight Time: 00:59 seconds
Aircraft: Airbus A340 😂

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