Top Smooth Xcub Landing

These where some of my best landing when I was doing touch and go with the xcub hope you enjoy :)


Awesome @AviatorGamerYT love these landings

What air speed are you at?

Aye now that’s impressive… All the landings I’ve done in the XCub has been bumpy as hell 😂 I just can’t seem to ease the landings like I do with other aircrafts


Nice! I can land it, but I smash it on the ground. Great job! 😃👍🏻

On final 43-48

Thank you hopefully you can practice and get better

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Very nice video, my smoothest in the Cub was -20 to -50

Nice it’s hard but I had a 3 knot head wind

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I had like a 8 to 12 knot crosswind

Fantastic job!!

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Thank you lol this video is old 😂

you know its butter if it takes 40 seconds to touchdown


Lol BTW the video to PHNL is coming out this Saturday

make sure to remove the forbidden scenes


Yes I will 🤣👊🏼👍

@AviatorGamerYT… MAXSez: Watched your 4 XCub Landings.
Without a wind reading here’s how I call them:

  1. Long
  2. Good
  3. you bounced on initial contact, Good recovery
  4. Perfect 3 Point (3 point with the stall horn blaring my favorite, takes real skill for this procedure at the Threshold)
    Good hands and height perception on final, BZ for your airmanship & Video.
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LOL! I saw it was old, but thought I’d give you a pat on the back. I love flying the XCub, however, you’re still better at it that I am. Well, back to practicing. 😂

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Thank you Man U went deep 😂

Thanks man yea I haven’t touched the Xcub ever since it came out i am not a slow type of flyer 😂