Top Self Check Tips for Safety on Expert Server?

Assuming one has reviewed the user guides and tutorials, what points might be in the top 5 or 10 as a kind of self check or review (after a period of absence, or new to ES) for avoiding situations leading to violation on ES?

(I put this in the general category because it overlaps general flying competency.)

I’m asking about, beyond speed violations, as they are often stated.

Possible examples:

  1. Am I spawning at least 30miles (or whatever) away from a busy controlled airport destination?
  2. Have I reviewed taxiway exits before approach?

Any ideas?

I would personally say both about the Expert Server violations as they are a basic of course, and more flight basics as well, such as fuel, flight plan, and all that jazz.

Definitely would want to be aware of active airspaces, although spawning near an active airport is not a problem, flying into it could be dependent on the traffic and proximity. Is Approach active, Center active, Tower active etc and when you should tune into them.

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Thanks. Those are all good points!

In particular I’m wondering about a collection of what people were caught by unexpectedly. A top 10 list, perhaps, experienced for violations not due to speed and running out of fuel (say the speed, fuel and airspace awareness might be placed on a separate list, fundamentals or something).

So maybe?: Violations beyond fundamentals that surprised you.

Change the title I wonder?

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I don’t have 10, but I have a few.

First thing is read over the ATC user communication guide. Print it in your mind. Understand what and when to request something to GT or AD. Understand not to be frustrated by ATC if your aircraft is too large and they don’t serve you, or if they ask you to divert, etc. Follow instructions too.

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I’ve been trying to think more about what I mean exactly! Your first two sentences are right on target I think (2nd paragraph) (Sorry, what is GT and AD?)

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Ground and Tower - GT

Approach and Departure - AD

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and S is the ATIS
why is it not A, I wonder

so GTS would be Ground Tower ATIS

just thought worth mentioning

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