Top screenshots from the past month. // pt. 2

Hey everyone, here is part 2 of the top photos from the last month, I hope you enjoy these shots!

Captions apply to the photos underneath!

1. A Chrome American 777-200ER flying over mountains in South America

Route details

Route: SAEZ - KMIA
Flight time: 9h:12m
Aircraft: B772

2. An Aerolineas Argentina’s B738 screaming out of Ushuaia, Argentina 🇦🇷.

Route details

Route: SAWH - SAEZ
Aircraft: B737-8

3. A Cessna 172 backlit moonshot.


Route: VFR
Aircraft: Cessna 172
Time: 2h03m
Location: Andes Mountains

4. Some Icelandair 757 departure shots


Route: N/A
Aircraft: 757-200
Time: N/A
Pilot: @Andre_S

5. A UPS MD-11 parked at the cargo stand and KMCO while Shamu one rolls behind


Route: KMIA - KMCO
Aircraft: MD-11
Flight time: 1h:12m

6. A Cessna Citation cruising over the Falkland Islands 🇫🇰


Aircraft Cessna Citation X
Flight time: 2h:39m

7. A Cessna 208 climbing out of KMCO.


Aircraft: Cessna 208 Caravan
Flight time: 1h:47m


The second trivia poll has closed from my last post, the answer is…

• Where is the Scotia sea located? Just off of the Falkland Islands! 80% of you got this one right! Thanks to those that participated!


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Hey everyone, thanks for viewing today’s post, I hope you enjoyed the shots. This link is my Instagram. If you like my content, all I ask is that you check out my Instagram as shots that won’t be posted due to rules or limits will be posted there. Again, thanks for viewing today’s post, and stay tuned as some more content will be making an appearance in the coming days. see you in the sky!


Great photos you got there @Airborne_Canuck! That 757 departing has to be my favorite!

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I love the Icelandair 757 departing but all of them are great, well done

Thanks @Vortex and @Butter_Boi the 757 has to be my favourite too!

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