Top screenshots from the past month // pt. 1

Hey everyone, today I have piled together my favourite photos from the past 10 flights over the month. The details may not be available, but I’ll try my best! I hope you enjoy the following shots!

Captions apply to the photos underneath!


Banking towards YYZ with the moon looking behind

An Icelandair B757-200 screaming out of YYZ flown by @Andre_S

Maintaining horizontal and vertical separation

Two very energetic spirits

Caution CF-KNQ, wake turbulence from departing MD-11

Neighbouring countries

Cessna 172 banking over the Andes

Chrome American B777-200ER landing at KMIA

There is a imposter among us…

Chrome American B757-200 touching down at KMIA


That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed these shots, and stay tuned as pt. 2 will be posted tomorrow!

The trivia poll results have closed from my last post, the answer is…

Drake passage! Surprising, right? I totally thought it would’ve been named the Southern passage! Seems like 70% of you agreed! The winners are @CaptainSooraj and @Keegan_Butler, congratulations!


Which was your favourite shot from today’s post?
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Thanks for viewing today’s post, and as always, see you in the skies!


Plot Twist: They are all Imposters



🤔 we will never know…

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Alright, time for the quiz!

Where is the Scotia sea located?
  • Off the coast of Nova Scotia
  • In between Russia and Alaska
  • Off the coast of the Falkland Islands
  • Just south of Tasmania

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Amazing photos! Waiting for part 2

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