Top screenshots from 2020 // Rewind time!

que Will Smith saying “it’s rewind time”

Hey everyone, this is more of a special post, it features one shot from 10 of screenshot topics that I made this year. I hope you enjoy these photos even if you have already seen them!

Note: some of the older photos may be slightly enhanced.

Captions apply to the photos underneath them

1. A Qatar B77W holding short at Paris De Gaulle


Route: LFPG - OTTH
Flight time: N/A
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER (pre-update)
Topic: Qatari 42 heavy // LFPG - OTHH

2. An Asiana B744 lining up for departure at dawn


Aircraft: B747-400
Route: ZSPD - RKSI
Flight time: N/A
Topic: Sunrise Departure in Shanghai // B747-400

3. An Asiana B744 at cruise


Route: RKSI - PANC
Aircraft: B747-400
Flight time: N/A
Topic: Moonshot while cruising to anchorage

4 An Asiana A350 blasting out of Charles De Gualle


Route: LFPG - RKSI
Flight time: ≈ 10h:00m
Topic: Asiana Airlines from Charles De Gaulle int. to Incheon int

5. A X-Cub zipping over a small lake in the Canadian Rockies. weeeeee!


Route: VFR
Location: Canadian Rockies
Aircraft: X-Cub
Flight time: N/A
Topic: VFR over the Canadian Rockies

6. Banking over the Andes mountains in Bogotá


Route: SEQM - SKBO
Flight time: N/A
Topic: My top screenshots of the week

7. A Cessna 172 banking over the mountains!


Route: VFR
Location: Andes Mountains
Aircraft: Cessna 172
Flight time: 2h:02m
Topic: Cessna over the Andes.

8. Escorting @Juiceinaglass over England


Route: RKSI - N/A (somewhere in england)
Aircraft: DC-10F, F22, F/A-18
Flight time: N/A
Topic: N/A

9. A Icelandair Boeing 757 screaming out of YYZ


Route: CYYZ - N/A
Aircraft: B757-200, A321
Flight time: N/A
Topic: Top screenshots from the past month. // pt. 2

10. A Boeing 757 sporting the infinite flight livery blasting out of SFO


Route: N/A
Aircraft: 757-200
Flight time: N/A


Hey everyone, thanks for viewing today’s post, I hope you enjoyed the shots. This link is my Instagram. If you like my content, all I ask is that you check out my Instagram as shots that won’t be posted due to rules or limits will be posted there.

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Finally, I just want to give a big thank you to everyone for making such an amazing year here! I really enjoy visiting this community and you all have been a big help to me this year!
I wish everyone a happy holiday and and a happy new year! Here’s to an even better year at infinite flight, See you in the new year skies!


Incredible photos @Airborne_Canuck, those are absolutely amazing!

I love #4, with #3 in a close second.

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#5 with the X-cub in the mountains is simply stunning

I remember some of these being used in the screenshot competition. They’re truly amazing shots! The last shot is very nice also!

No.4 is the best for me but all of them are absolutely stunning. Here’s to an even better screenshots year in 2021

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Thank you @Vortex @KSS @Butter_Boi @Leron_Gundlur I’m happy you like these shots as much as I do! This was an amazing year and I had a ton of fun with screenshots this year, here’s to an even better 2021!