Top Requested Plane?

What are you guys top requested planes? If there had to be one plane added into IF, what would it be?


prob the A350 if i had to chose one

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Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter :-)

The A330 rework is the most requested. It’s my most hoped for as well.


a new Airbus A330 would be amazing lol

And the A330 Neo!!! ;)

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The most requested new plane is Concorde and closely followed by the 737 Max. The most requested plane rework however is the A330, by a long shot, more votes than Concorde and 737 Max combined

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Air New Zealand Dash 8 and ATR

If we’re going by the amount of comments seen on twitter, IFFG and Insta, the A350 would almost certainly take the cake

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A350 and a330 but mostly a350

We have an entire category for this purpose alone - #features