Top Players

welp i may do it, but if i do it will be done in 20 years, i haveno idea how to code 😂😂😂

For me personally this sim is an addiction.

Sadly I can’t be putting in as many hours like I used to. But I think once the Challenger 350 is released I might start grinding hours again.


I miss the days when I would see y’all fighting first place and do 24 hr flights loopin the globe. Oh, the glory days, where are they?


There are still people like me or some otheres that are 24/7 active flying you just have to look around


@tunamkol @Darkspoul @Shafran @Butter575 and @IF.NORWAY are top players. They always use aircraft carefully.🚨


I would say @CrazyBee, Deer, Butter575, and a few others as well.
CrazyBee: Always flying, has 2 accounts lmao
DeerCrusher: Flies a lot, is a mod
Butter: E v e n t s

and i just live on the IFC lol


Haha cool then i know your home adress and can deliver ypu a Christmas package 😂

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We’ll hopefully be doing Infinite Flight Debrief again this year, where we’ll have a small leaderboard of top players in multiplayer this year. We’ll share more soon!


Iidvdii’s still going strong on that leaderboard!

Damn, what account do you have that on? Your current/main account quite literally states your current flight time, try to ensure what you say has proof, or at least doesn’t have a dead giveaway of the truth. ;). You’ve only got to fly 263 times more than you already have and you’ll reach your goal!


@CK777 @Darkspoul much appreciated


He imagined them in his head.

This would be cool to see. I would assume iidvdii is in first but 2-100 would be interesting.


@CK777 🫶🏻👀 thank you!

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Can’t wait to see that!

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Anyone know roughly the top landing counts? How rare is beyond 5000, 10,000, or 15,000?

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Very rare, extremely rare, probably less than 10 pilots respectively

Most people with a ton of hours are doing long hauls. For reference, I had 10800 hours and 3200 ish landings when I stopped playing.

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What Wizard guy? I think I have some competition.

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Do users with over 15,000 landings exist? The highest number in my memory is 13,500 and something (DeerCrusher’s profile)? If one landing per day, that’s 36 years!

They might, but I’ve never seen it before.

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oh, i thought i had more, i did also have more than one account before, but i am trying on this one!