Top of Descent

Hey guys so i’m doing a flight from KRIC to KFLL and I don’t know where to start my descent. Can anyone help please?

Hey there!

This is a really good link to use!

Just pop in your altitude and your speeds and it will calculate TOD

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As far as I learned to descend at 120 nm away with about 1,000something feet per minute

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This would also help.


@LongHaulGuy. MaxSez: KISS… Try This TOD Calculator;



Or a simple way is to just do
altitude÷V/S=ETE to dest of when to descend
E.G. 35000÷1800=19.444ETE to destination

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So this is more on the expensive side but get IFASSISTANT on the App Store. Then I think it comes with NAV mode. Do FPL-IF then go to the part with a long list of the waypoints and alts. Just fill in the nav with the alts from FPL-IF. Put on NAV mode and relax.

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