Top of Descent calculation (PDF).

Be aware that not every airport in the world has a 3° glide slope (I´m not talking about steep descent). So check the slope´s degree on the approch charts for the runway you want to use.

Speaking of glideslopes, has the one on EGLC been fixed?


This is very helpful! Thanks!

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No problem. Can you please check if the slope for LCY was changed to the original 5,5° please?

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Ok, should I check using the landing aid?

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Check it the way you want. I´d personally do it without the landing aid. Just tell me if the descent rate needed to stay on the slope is off -1400ft/m. Or something different to the descent rate used on 3° glide slopes.

Ok, since I have also have an Android device, I’ll check :)

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Any runway?

09 and 27 have the same degree for the approach. So the one you prefer.

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I can’t clearly make out the degree :/

Just tell me the descent rate needed to stay on the slope. If its of 700ish, its still of 3°, if its over 1200ish, it’s been corrected.

Would the speed of my aircraft depend on it?

So I took pics

Still a 3* :/ -700 VS, and aimed right for the threshold

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