Top Of Descent Approches.

Credit to the one and only Captain Joe!image
I think T/D Approaches should be added to our maps on certain aircraft because it really helps us know when to decent, us as pilots really don’t have a perfect way to decend, a T/D on our map would help a lot.

Just making it nice and simple. A Top Of Decent Approach will tell you when to decend based on your speed and what V/S etc. You can either do a direct approach or not direct and have a transition. This would help pilots out tremendously!

To learn more in depth look at Captain Joe’s video here

I hope you like it! I hope this has the possibility of being implemented into Infinite Flight!

I personally enjoy calculating when I need to descend, how fast, and at what rate. But, I can also see how this would be very convenient.


There are too many variables to make this work. Just do the problem by hand. Either pick a mileage or a -VS and descend accordingly.

Here are two articles for guidance if needed:

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It would still be a cool easy feature

It’s got sided opinions though, I understand

IF pilots have varying different ways of flying. I personally do all the calculations I possibly can, but I know people that load more fuel than they need, hop in any plane, rotate at 180kts, and fly at Mach .90. Some people (like me) will follow arrivals with set altitude restrictions, while others will nosedive into the airport. A top of descent profile in this diverse of a simulator will not do very many people much good. I ignore the SimBrief ones for the very reason that they often disregard SIDs and STARs, so I would ignore those too. It definitely would help the people that want to be realistic but don’t use charts or flight planners or anything, but I think people generally work things out on their own better than a top of descent would.

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I just do the math, in real life I do 3 miles for every 100 ft my 172R needs to descend :)

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Would this be useful?

A poll isn’t necessary. If people want this feature, they will vote for it using the already in-place system.


Hard to say, I think it would be useful but I don’t think a ton of players would use it so who knows

Edit: also make sure to vote for your own feature :)

How did you come to that number?

Who knows, my instructor told me lmao. It works every time though.

Its just unnecessarily long. In a 172 you usually plan for TOD based on -500fpm descent.

Yes. That’s what I do, -500, but that method does work. Think about it though, 110 kts cruise, let’s say 100 on descent, that makes you travel 5 miles every 3 minutes. -500 feet per minute. At that rate, you’re down 1500 feet after 5 miles so there ya go


I do this:

(This was a IFC post but I forgot the name)

TOD = (Altitude you are currently at/100)/3

The Slash is for Division if you didn’t already know

The VS = GS * 5

Works for me atleast

Yea I’ve heard of that, but mostly use the fpltoif ones

Here’s something similar I suggested couple months ago:

It’s not exactly the same so I wouldn’t call it a duplicate, but it might be easier to add 🧐

Pretty basic stuff to calculate an estimation. Altitude to loose x3 and it’s done. Descent at 1500-2000fpm. In RL even it gets calculated by the FMC you always double check.
GSx5 is applicable to calculate your decent rate on the 3° Glideslope.

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I just do guesstimate and seems to work fine isn’t that what pilots do?

No guessing in professional cockpits

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