Top ‘o’ the Hour @ KBNA

I went to KBNA today to drop off my older sister to visit some of her friends in Minneapolis/St. Paul. While we were there, we went to the overlook and spotted some planes.

Multiple FedEx 757s

A WestJet Dash 8 departing for CYYZ

A United Baby Bus outbound for KEWR

A little Beech private jet

My sister’s plane to KMSP taxiing to its runway

A Virgin America commercial jet receiving maintenance

This was a parallel takeoff/landing!

My sister’s plane accelerating…,

My sister is off to KMSP!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Nice shots!

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I was there just 3 days ago, those virgin whatever planes are always there and there are multiple of them.

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Wow nice pics

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I really like it 👍🏽😄

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It’s always cool to spot family members planes! Nice shots

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Thank you, @CaptainBarney, @The_Geniusman, @HadenJohnson, @Armani_B; I appreciate the good comments!


You’re very welcome

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Thank you!

Didn’t know BNA had an overlook. If it was a little closer it would be rlly nice. CLT’s overlook is very close to the runway

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Nice shots man! Love FedEx!


I’ve been to the one at KCLT. Got to see two American A330s and just missed the Lufthansa A350.

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