Top Gun 2: Maverick’s New F/A-18F Super Hornet

A leaked shot shows what appears to be a beautiful blue and black stripe on an F/A-18F Super Hornet with one catch: Below the canopy, is Pete Mitchell “MAVERICK” written. This will be the fighter he will use in the film. And it looks just awesome.


Gorgeous plane with a gorgeous paint job. I’m very surprised that they haven’t opted for a more current aircraft (in the civilian worlds eyes) and put him in a F22 or 35!

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The Super Hornet in fact is still a powerful workforce in the navy. Who knows what upgrades could come to it. Maybe it could get the same kind of treatment like the F-15X

But Mav in the 22 would make him the most bad-a Pilot ever seen in film.

I know mate, I’m an Air Force controller haha however the most “fashionable” (if that’s the right word to use) would be a 22 or 35,particularly win the 35 just beginning to show some capability operationally, albeit not for US/UK forces.

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The reference I used for my username. Lol

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This is an amazing livery, why can’t this be standard?

I’d want this with an F-18 Rework.

Hmmm so I guess the F-35 hints were false 😔, but the F-18 does look sexy in those colors 😍

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Pretty sure Top Gun 2 is delayed until 2020. Sad news.

I feel the need…

The need for speed!


I am not clicking that link becuais I dont want to see it!

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