Top Gear Challenge 2 @ XXXXXXZFEB16

My last Top Gear Challenge was a success. I thought it would be a great idea to do another. As time passes and I get more keen response, event times and other information will be announced. What I can confirm is here:

  • This event will be in the London region.
  • EGTD (Dunsfold Aerodrome/ Top Gear Test Track) will be included.
  • A lap of the Test Track will be completed.

For this to commence I need sufficient numbers. I will use the poll below for a quick check but please do reply so I know which users will be competing. As I said earlier, more information will be released.

  • I want to come
  • I want to see more details
  • I don’t want to come
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Link to previous Top Gear Challenge:

Thank you.


Lets hope I can make it this time.


I will try to work times out so it best suits the competitors’ needs. Hence why I left so much detail out.


If it doesn’t have a confirmed date, its not in events.


I want to join, but depends on the time.

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I’ll be there depending on the time.

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To all those wishing to come: post a comment saying

Then you will be entered into a PM where times will be discussed.

But I can’t.