Top Down Center

With the new ATC regions coming to IF which will lead to new opportunities to fly to unique airports, top down center would be a perfect addition.

But, what is top down center? On VATSIM, center controls all airspace from center all the way down to ground if that airport specifically is not open. This would be a great addition to IF to allow less busy airports without an active controller to also receive basic ATC services. ATC could also have the option to specify certain airports they will cover and certain airports they will not cover or opt out of providing it completely if they are overloaded or busy.

Hey Jake, this is actually something that a few IFATC can do. Moderators and Supervisors are allowed to control Ground, Tower, ATIS, Approach, Departure, and Center at the same time if they choose. Only moderators and supervisors, though, to ensure that top quality service is still present!


That’s true! However, this is specifically for center and serve a different purpose than opening everything at one airport.

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However, say that tower and ground close at an airport that has quite a few aircraft, who’s gonna control them until the next controller shows up?

Oh ok, I see what the OP means now

The 2 controllers would coordinate either a hand off of the aircraft or if the center controller is unable to take them they could deny and the aircraft would be switched to Unicom.
Maybe a command like “Center not currently accepting extra traffic” or something to notify the aircraft.

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