Top Device for Infinite Flight?

Hello guys!

I’m looking for a new device, mainly to play Infinite Flight on, not really got a price range, My iPad Mini V1 can barley handle the game! ;(


It works fine on my iPhone 5S, but a high-end device like the latest iPad Air would be better

Thank you, Ill either get the Air 2 or the upcoming new iPad, thanks.

i’d probably wait for the upcoming iPad if I were you

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The Shield really rocks.

samsung? like its devices are powerful i think

There might be an issue with IF on the new iPad Pro with screen resolution, since it’s a bit bigger than the current iPads. I have an iPad Air 2 and it works perfectly on there, never had any lagging or problems.

iPad Air 2. Very smooth. Best device for IF

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Any iPad is the be

Any iPad is best for IF

The iPhone 6 Plus is just perfect to run IF.

iPad Air works like a charm.

Provided the list of devixes I have run using infinite flight and the condition they were/are in:

iPad Mini 1 works fine. Condition of device: Rarely used so good

iPhone 6 works fine as well. Condition of device: Accidentally dropped in sink and dropped on many floors but still works fine

iPhone 5 was alright but it was such a battery sucker and it lagged occasionally. Condition of device: Dropped in toilet, dropped many moretimes than the iPhone 6, had lots of manufacturing errors, so crappy

Forgot how it worked on the 3S. Condition of device: Still works after 6 years

The Iphone6+ is awesome for IF!

The only problem with the Iphone: It gets very hot!

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Still gets hot with a case (Thanks Apple)

I of course have a case but it really get’s very hot. I once received a message: ’ The device is too hot '. 😅

I read somewhere that @matt says the iPad Air 2 runs IF very smoothly.

I use the iPad 4, a little laggy sometimes…

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Can confirm, iPad Air 2 is spot on.