Top 50 Unserved Routes In The U.S

This is a pretty cool analysis by Anna Aero. This article shows the top 50 unserved routes in the United States.

It’s ranked by PDEW (Passengers Daily Each Way).

There’s quite a few unserved routes from airports like San Diego (SAN), Hartford (BDL), Jacksonville (JAX), Sacramento (SMF), San Antonio (SAT), and Raleigh/Durham (RDU)

Airport-pair Est. PDEW in 2019 Comments
Raleigh Durham, NC – San Diego, CA 162 Cut by Frontier in Sept. 2019
Hartford, CT – Las Vegas, NV 143
Islip, NY – Chicago MDW, IL 142 765 miles
Jacksonville, FL – Los Angeles, CA 127
Boston, MA – San Antonio, TX 126
Cleveland, OH – San Diego, CA 117 Cut by Frontier in Sept. 2019
Hartford, CT – Phoenix, AZ 114
Milwaukee, WI – San Diego, CA 112 Cut by Frontier in Feb. 2019; was year-round by Southwest, then seasonal, then cut Aug. 2018
Pittsburgh, PA – San Diego, CA 110 Cut by Frontier in Jan. 2019
Los Angeles, CA – Norfolk, VA 110
San Antonio, TX – Sacramento, CA 109
Orange County, CA – Orlando, FL 103 SNA is heavily slot restricted
Philadelphia, PA – Sacramento, CA 102
Orange County, CA – Philadelphia, PA 101 SNA is heavily slot restricted
Kansas City, MO – Sacramento, CA 100
Hartford, CA – San Francisco, CA 100
Jacksonville, FL – Seattle, WA 99
Portland, OR – Tampa, FL 98
Columbus, OH – San Diego, CA 96 Similar level to that achieved during SkyBus’ time
New Orleans, LA – Portland, OR 95
Orange County, CA – San Antonio, TX 95 Cut by Frontier in Apr. 2019
San Antonio, TX – Raleigh Durham, NC 95 Cut by Frontier in Jan. 2019
Fort Lauderdale, FL – Portland, OR 94
Los Angeles, CA – Richmond, VA 93
Baltimore, MD – Honolulu, HA 93
Jacksonville, FL – Phoenix, AZ 92
Las Vegas, NV – Providence, RI 91 Cut by Sun Country in Oct. 2019
Hartford, CT – Nashville, TN 91 852 miles
Norfolk, VA – Seattle, WA 89
Hartford, CT – San Diego, CA 88
Chicago MDW, IL –Washington IAD, VA 88 577 miles
Albany, NY – Las Vegas, NV 88
Indianapolis, IN – Portland, OR 87
Indianapolis, IN – Oakland, CA 86
Jacksonville, FL – San Diego, CA 86 A Navy route!
Raleigh Durham, NC – San Jose, CA 85 Seasonally by Southwest and cut in Aug. 2019
Las Vegas, NV – Richmond, VA 84
Philadelphia, PA – San Jose, CA 84
Boston, MA – Memphis, TN 84 1,007 miles (close enough)
Portland, OR – Raleigh Durham, NC 83
Minneapolis, MN – Kahului, HA 83
Jacksonville, FL – San Antonio, TX 82 Cut by Frontier in Apr. 2019
Honolulu, HA – Orlando, FL 82
Orange County, CA – St. Louis, MO 81 SNA is heavily slot restricted
Charleston, SC – Los Angeles, CA 81
Hartford, CT – Seattle, WA 79
Fort Myers, FL – Los Angeles, CA 79 Fort Myers has no service to the west beyond Denver
Nashville, TN – Sacramento, CA 78
Pittsburgh, PA – San Antonio, TX 78
Jacksonville, FL – San Francisco, CA 77

Wow! I never heard of these routes before haha…


This is a very interesting chart, I saw something about it on @tampa_airport_spotting’s Instagram (I suggest everyone follow him). BTW I believe all of the Hartford, CA should be Hartford, CT. Talking about BDL, I fly there a lot and would love to see them get some new routes.

Fun Fact: I believe BDL is the smallest airport with a TATL flight in the US (they get service to Dublin on Aer Lingus on an A321xlr)


Lol I even fixed it before but I guess it didn’t save that one.

I think Charleston is the smallest airport with TATL service on British Airways’ 787-8 to LHR.
CHS - 4.5 million passengers
BDL - 6.4 million passengers


Ah my fact was outdated, a few years ago it was true because they had Norwegian service to Dublin on a 738


Ugh, I really would love it if PHL-SJC was added

But AA decides to add SJC-AUS, a route already served by 2 airlines 🤦‍♂️


Well… then there was Stewart SWF Airport with only 300,000 passengers that had Norwegian to Dublin, Shannon, and Cork.


Jacksonville and Raleigh seem to appear time and time again.

Never heard most of that route but pretty interesting!

Glad to see Philly on here 3 times, I could see Southwest opening PHL-SMF and PHL-SJC and I think AA could be able to fly a 738 into SNA

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I really don’t see that route being a possibility with Southwest, especially when Southwest is overshadowed by American at PHL. I do see AA opening the route though

They already fly a B738 into SNA. They fly the plane from SNA to DFW, PHX, and ORD

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Yay JAX is on here a bunch and I would love to see any of these routes done.

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Ah, I remember when Southwest flew ISP-MDW a few years ago, then they cut the route. Really wish it would come back, I live near ISP and my family has been going to Chicago a lot and it’s a pain to get to LGA to fly into MDW. Frontier tried ISP-ORD about a year ago, but also cut that. Just wish Southwest would bring the route back!

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Well Southwest has a pretty big standing at PHL, obviously not as big as American, but it’s the 2nd biggest airline at PHL

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Problem with PHL-SNA though, they’d likely need to block seats on the 738 because of the range and SNA’s 5,700ft runway. Also, SNA is slot restricted.

But a route like PHL-SJC with them? I don’t see that at all

GJT-SFO is currently unserved but in high demand (they [GJT Officials] are trying to get this in service for summer 2020).
GJT-ORD was launched last summer ONCE a week on United with the E175 seasonally in the summer. According to the GJ Sentinel ORD is one of the top destinations for western Colorado travelers so an increase in service here could be essential.
And finally GJT-IAD. This might seem like a stupidly unreasonable route, BUT, the national BLM headquarters was moved to Grand Junction recently so this flight could be (and hopefully will be) reality in the next year or so. Don’t believe me? Read here;

Here are a bunch of routes to do…

Who even flies BWI-HNL?

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