Top 50 Busiest Airports in North America During COVID-19

JetTip has released the statistics for the top 50 busiest airports by departures in North America for the day of April 21, 2020.

Some notable stats:

  • DFW is now number 1, beating ORD by one departure.
  • ATL has fallen to number 4.
  • Memphis has risen significantly thanks to its Fedex hub.
  • Louisville (SDF) has also risen because of UPS Cargo.
  • Anchorage has risen 40 ranks and is now tied with Phoenix for the ninth busiest airport.
  • The major Canadian airports Vancouver (YVR) and Toronto (YYZ) have fallen far down likely because of government restrictions. Surprisingly, Calgary (YYC) is above them.
  • Both Newark (EWR) and New York JFK (JFK) have fallen significantly to the bottom of the list.

This graph shows the decline of some North American airports:

The full article:

Because this calculated by day, some rankings may change for each day.

What are your thoughts? Any of these statistics surprising to you?


PDX is 26. I am watching it through the window.

I can really see the effect on JFK. Barely any commercial traffic. Majority jetblue, a little sprinkle of Delta and Alaska, and like 5 European flights. Everything else is pure cargo

and with some random 747 freighters coming in so i think its fine or something

JFK and EWR’s decline makes sense cause NY metropolitan area is the hardest hit from the virus

Not surprised San Francisco fell to just over 110 departures a day… almost every international airline has left except for a couple still flying to Taiwan, and United flying 2 long hauls out of the airport.

well atleast YVR is beating YYZ

DFW ayyyyy let’s go


Crazy thing is that it’s been leveled out sum what since airlines are still maintaining skeleton operations, so PIT which is usually like 65-70 somewhere in there, way, way behind JFK had just four less departures than JFK on the given date. I think we were helped a lot by Southern Airways Express since they’ve dropped virtually no flights since a lot of there’s are dudes by the Essential Air Service at least in part…

Ouch, that chart sure was difficult to take in:(

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