Top 5 of 2019 So Far

My Top 5 from 2019

These are my top 5 so far in 2019. Each picture has a description that depicts what is occurring in the picture. Note these are not in any specific order. Enjoy!

United A320-200

This screenshot was taken at ORD for the Friday Night Flight at around 3 AM. There was not many aircraft at the time so this is what I could get! Not a horrible picture if you ask me.

Norwegian 787-900

I took this picture Wednesday when Norwegian Airlines was featured. I believe this was taken in Solo mode as well, not completely sure.

Delta MD-11

This screenshot shows one of my favorite aircraft to ever exist on one of the best retro liveries in Infinite Flight.

Virgin Australia 737-800

This is one of my favorite liveries ever and I am really glad it got added into Infinite Flight. After I took this picture I hopped around Australia for the day.

F-22 Raptor

This screenshot features rolling terrain in the background with the sharp F-22 rolling low over the runway. This is my favorite military aircraft as well.

Thanks for viewing my pictures! If you’d like, I’d really appreciate it if you could rate my pictures in the poll below. Thanks!

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Very nice! Looks AWESOME!

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Great pictures man! You are realy talented 😊😃

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Looks really beautiful mate. Looove the Norwegian 789 shot, just beautiful

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