Top 5 hardest approaches in IF (your list)

There has been topics simliar to this howeevr this is a top 5 list make your own list down below and compare it to others

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And a few GA airports i cant remember the name of :)

I think everyone can agree with this list

1- WMBT (Tioman)
2- TNCS (Saba)
3- KASE (Aspen)
4- L35 (Big Bear City)
5- KPSP (Palm Springs)

i would’ve added 59CA (Little Hands) but I’ve never done that approach

  • KASE (the approach I made a tutorial topic about)
  • WMBT
  • EGLC (if do it right an with the A318)
    and some special approaches at
  • KLGA
  • KEWR (the one with the 270° turn, don’t remember the name)

Trust me little hands is up there

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Approach isn’t hard, it’s the landing.

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I can imagine why… Even a real airline ceased service to WMBT LOL


or any E-Jet and Dash 8

What region is KASE in? I want to give it a try since its a more challenging one.

That would be Denver, CO :)

The hardest approach is the one without Approach.

But I would say nailing the steep approach at EGLC without having to go around/smashing your landing gear.

You mean the ATC position?

Yes, I tried to make it sound like a metaphor.

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  1. WMBT(Tioman)
  2. 59CA(Little Hands)
  3. KASE(Aspen)
  4. 7A8(Ayer County Airport)
  5. L35(Big Bear City)

If it’s the airport near KCLT (Charlotte), then it’s called Ayer County Airport

Thank you. Changed it.

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5 - KEGE (Eagle County Rgnl)
4 - KASE (Aspen Pitkin Rgnl)
3 - 21W (Ranger Creek Airport)
2 - 7A8 (Avery County / Morrison Field Airport)
1 - WMBT (Pulau Tioman)


  • WMBT
  • Little hands
  • KASE

That’s it for me

All of them because when I reach approach my mom call me😢


Some of these i have never done whats hard about WmBt