Top 5 E175 Routes to Try with Infinite Flight

Nouakchott Airport (GQNO) - Gran Canaria Airport (GCLP)


SFO-SAN is probably a great one down the California coast!

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A short scenic route:



a heavily used route.
EDIT heavily used by me at least

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The forum is an awesome place to share details on flights like this! Show us pictures along the way, share the route, make an event out of it, or compile your own database of suggestions. The list is endless! Enjoy :)


Thank you for taking the interest in my activities. I look forward to getting more involved with all the interesting flight engines that you have on the market.


welcome to the community!

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KPAE-KLAS in the Alaskan E175 is a long but scenic one

If you want a nice route is Nassau to Miami in E175 no longer than a 1:30

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A good one to fly with the E175
Origin: KSLC
Destination: KABQ
Livery: Delta
Callsign: Skywest

Kobe (RJBE) to Aomori (RJSA)

Going too give this one ago tomorrow!

Amsterdam (EHAM) to Bilbao (LEBB) KLM

my favourite of EGLC To EHAM

Try KMIA to TFFF Lovely island ❤️💚🖤

Amsterdam (EHAM) to Inverness (EGPE) or vice versa with the KLM livery is a lovely flight that takes you right across the Scottish Highlands with a lovely approach over the Moray Firth as you get to Inverness. Definitely one of my favourites and I’d recommend it to anyone else looking for a medium length E175 flight!

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I did PHX-ABQ the other day

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Well well well … American has a scheduled E175 run to and from my home field KMLI to KDFW…

Looks like i might have to visit now…

I really appreciate it. This is an awesome plane. This is my dream plane. I am actually gonna be training for a pilot license. I might be flying with American Airlines sometime in the future. I’m gonna be going to school to learn how be a pilot. So this is a great game/simulator for me to use. And the 175 is the job. I don’t use any computers yet. But how can I get a real time simulator. Like great graphics in other stuff like this. But better. Not saying that this is bad. But just want to have some thing with this also. Thanks.

EHAM-EGFF, KLM E175. Did this yesterday, it’s a fun short haul.

OJAQ-OJAI, Royal Jordanian E175. Nice, short flight.

CYUL-CYOW, Air Canada E175, Just finished this, a great route if you have limited time.

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I just did LaGuardia to Key West. I will have to say the scenery was AMAZING! One thing though, for any people that are landing into Key West, use full auto brakes as I nearly overran the runway a few metres to spare, as I underestimated how short the runway actually is!

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