Top 5 B772 Routes to Fly on Infinite Flight

Great routes I would love to fly!

This painting of the airlines of Angola is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the 772. I believe that behind Varig only. This painting really made history, because it is beautiful, it is magnificent.
Undoubtedly, the IF development body got it right when developing this painting for aircraft.

Already tried 3 of these amazing

What B777 is it? I sit the b777-200? Or the B777-300?

In the title it says these routes are for the B772.

But, there’s no beoing planes that’s named b772.

I think it’s a typo

The Boeing 777-200ER is the B772.
The Boeing 777-200LR is the B77L
The Boeing 777-200F is the B77F
The Boeing 777-300ER is the B77W


ok I got it! Thanks @BennyBoy

thats the sound Ryanair Boeing 737s make when landing lol.

Very interesting…

yes the math behind ryanair landings is very interesting.

I was referring to the routes, but alrighty.

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oh sorry bout that.