Top 5 Airports of the Year - Infinite Flight 2020!

Hello, IFC!

As the title explains, this topic is dedicated to my 5 favorite airports of Infinite Flight this year!

These airports are the ones that were in my opinion the most fun, beautiful and unique!

Off we go!

This first airport is a small island in the Pacific Ocean! The code is NTTP and this beauty is up first on my list!

Second is LFHU, a small ski resort strip in southern France! It’s short runway and large cliffs are what make this airport unique!
P.S. there are no size restrictions there so feel free to try it in an A380 😉

Third is this French military base off the coast of the Mediterranean sea! The code for this one is LFTH!

This airport in the Southern mountains of Asia has the longest runway in the world! (Paved). The code is ZUBD! For comparison, the first pic is a C-130 on the runway :)

Last but not least, 21W is a small gem in Washington State right by Mt. Rainier! I had the chance to visit this one in real life, and it’s truly stunning!

Thank you!

To Infinite Flight 2021!



Great shots! Took me a good minute to find that C130.