Top 5 A333 Routes to Fly on Infinite Flight

Great routes! I believe Manilla is spelt Manila 😉

Thanks @MishaCamp great work as always!

If your more into medium hauls and less ocean I highly recommend Dublin - Malaga in the Aer Lingus A333. You’ll be taken to the beautiful southern part of Spain and you’ll also see some beautiful terrain for your approach into Malaga. DUB - JFK is also a must as it was the first ever flight (excluding the stop over in EINN) to North America by Aer Lingus!

Amazing route choices Misha, I’ll definitely try all of them!


I would recommend trying out Jet Airways A333 on the route VABB-LFPG


EDDM-OMDB (lufthansa) is also good route with 2 3d airports - knowing that this route is currently operated by A350

Oopsie, we didn’t catch that! It’ll be fixed ASAP.

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Sorry can’t play with that aircraft :( don’t have pro

Love the picture for Atlanta-Santiago😍

Thanks @MishaCamp!

Thanks mate

What’s the longest route A330-300 can fly in infinite flight without any stop? Want try out with my friends

I flew WSSS-KJFK & KJFK-WSSS a few times with no problems. I bet you could try EGLL-YPPH or EGLL-YSSY with success!

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I think I will try the Atlanta to Santiago route, thanks Misha!

Wowww, maybe the best route for me is Jakarta (WIII) To Bali (WADD)

Definitely another one would be Delhi-Mumbai in the Jet Airways A330! Beautiful scenery all along,and Mumbai now has 3D!!

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Thank you for mentioning the EI105 route. EIDW-KJFK. it’s such a amazing route, esp for those new to medium/long haul flights. All the other routes are amazing also.

I know a few friends of mine tired EGLL-WSSS. I think they made it, but a lot of step climbing involved.

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Some interesting routes on there - thanks Misha!

Personally just tried Brussels to Accra. Super fun and pretty!

Trying out the Oman Air Manila route tonight!