Top 5 A333 Routes to Fly on Infinite Flight

@MishaCamp looks good love the suggestions as always great job


Have to agree with the route between Dublin and JFK. Was surprisingly one of my first routes! Great idea on suggesting some varied routes to the community, it’s beautiful to explore new places around the globe. Thanks Misha!


No surprise Aer Lingus got onto the list!

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Would highly recommend Brussels to Kigali, as you have a beautiful approach and landing into a tiny international airport!

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No problem! I hope you enjoy a few of these you may not have done yet.


Another great choice. I did this one during testing and it’s a nice flight.


Charlotte to London in Generic ‘American’ is fun

Great routes! I believe Manilla is spelt Manila 😉

Thanks @MishaCamp great work as always!

If your more into medium hauls and less ocean I highly recommend Dublin - Malaga in the Aer Lingus A333. You’ll be taken to the beautiful southern part of Spain and you’ll also see some beautiful terrain for your approach into Malaga. DUB - JFK is also a must as it was the first ever flight (excluding the stop over in EINN) to North America by Aer Lingus!

Amazing route choices Misha, I’ll definitely try all of them!


I would recommend trying out Jet Airways A333 on the route VABB-LFPG


EDDM-OMDB (lufthansa) is also good route with 2 3d airports - knowing that this route is currently operated by A350

Oopsie, we didn’t catch that! It’ll be fixed ASAP.

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Sorry can’t play with that aircraft :( don’t have pro

Love the picture for Atlanta-Santiago😍

Thanks @MishaCamp!

Thanks mate

What’s the longest route A330-300 can fly in infinite flight without any stop? Want try out with my friends

I flew WSSS-KJFK & KJFK-WSSS a few times with no problems. I bet you could try EGLL-YPPH or EGLL-YSSY with success!

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I think I will try the Atlanta to Santiago route, thanks Misha!