Top 5 A220 Routes To Fly On Infinite Flight

Wow~ Interesting!!🤩

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6th idea

Incheon to Jeju

With the Korean Air A220 would be nice too

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Even though the scenery is bland for most of the flight, departure, passing Bermuda and decent is a sight to behold! I’m talking about the new and recently added flight of Air Canada, AC1404 from Halifax to Punta Cana

Nice, trying that out!

i bean trying find ways to play this game

Is the a220 good to land at LCY or is it banned?

We only have the A220-300 in the simulator. I can’t confirm if it is banned in IF, but in real life only the A220-100, so the version that we don’t have in the simulator, is allowed to operate at LCY.

Thanks for the quick response! Yeah i was thinking if the -300 was able to operate under the same performance as the -100 but thanks for summing it up

We allow the A220-300 to land at London City on Expert Server.

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I flew one time Talinn - Mallorca 😍 Recommend it*

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Boston to lga is one