Top 5 A220 Routes To Fly On Infinite Flight

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Hi there, I’ll send you a PM!


Good to see my home country airliner in this game 😊


Hmm. Really like the selection, but I find there’s a single domestic, short flight which had to be there, between two 3D airports. LSGG-LSZH of course! Operated with a Swiss A223, you fly over Lausanne, then Neuchatel and Bern, followed by a smooth descent into Zurich. A beautiful scenic route, flying over the Alps of Switzerland, a truly beautiful, and one of, if not, the best domestic routes in the world.


Glad you like! Those routes tend to be very popular and easy to find out about (they are equally as great though!). I thought finding some of the best lesser flown ones would help everyone enjoy the A220 even more 🔥


LGA-IAH is one they operate takes around 3h 15mins


Great Routes, Misha!


“Dark” countries. Go figure.

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Wow~ Interesting!!🤩

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6th idea

Incheon to Jeju

With the Korean Air A220 would be nice too

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Even though the scenery is bland for most of the flight, departure, passing Bermuda and decent is a sight to behold! I’m talking about the new and recently added flight of Air Canada, AC1404 from Halifax to Punta Cana

Nice, trying that out!

i bean trying find ways to play this game

Is the a220 good to land at LCY or is it banned?

We only have the A220-300 in the simulator. I can’t confirm if it is banned in IF, but in real life only the A220-100, so the version that we don’t have in the simulator, is allowed to operate at LCY.

Thanks for the quick response! Yeah i was thinking if the -300 was able to operate under the same performance as the -100 but thanks for summing it up

We allow the A220-300 to land at London City on Expert Server.

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I flew one time Talinn - Mallorca 😍 Recommend it*

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Boston to lga is one