Top 3 Favorite Planes (Not on IF)

I was just wondering what everyones favorite plane is, I think top 3 favorites are the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A3830… Unfortunately my 3rd is a tie with an Boeing 747 and an Airbus A350.
Whats yours?


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He’s saying not on IF.

Shouldn’t it be in RWA then?

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The other Topic isn’t related to IF aswell

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I changed it

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I’m gonna go the opposite way and make my comrades at IFF happy

The aircraft that I will always have a soft spot for…the F-15 Eagle. The astonishing Lockheed sr-71 Blackbird and the ground breaking Concorde Jet.



Convair Coronado
Dc 8-61

All of those should be added into the app :D

I closed the other one, this can stay:)


2.Boeing 747SP

i wish one day i will visit the concorde museum in Barbados!

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The Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Boeing 787 Families.

  1. B787
  2. Mig44 Falcon
  3. B777

Here are mine:

  1. a320 family
  2. a350
  3. b777

I have a lot more on my list…

1)Boeing 787
2)Airbus A320
3)Airbus A330

  1. Boeing 777 Family
  2. Boeing 707
  3. Airbus A330/40
  1. 747-400 The Queen of the Skies
  2. 787-8 Dreamliner
  3. 777-200LR (Long Range)
  1. Tu-204

  1. SSJ-100

  1. MC-21


what is the SP for

1 : Boeing 787
2: Boeing 777
3: Concorde (But the cockpit is like a hell)

1.Boeing 727
2.Sabb 340b
3.Airbus A340