Top 20 Busiest Domestic & International Routes Of 2019

OAG has revealed the list for the top busiest routes in multiple categories.

OTP = On Time Performance.
Flights = Yearly number of flights on the route.
Carrier = Number of airlines on the route.

The Top 20 International Routes:


  • 15 of 20 top international routes are located within Asia.
  • Kuala Lumpur to Singapore sees an average of 82 flights a day on 8 airlines.

Top 20 Busiest Domestic Routes:


  • The busiest route, Jeju to Seoul Gimpo, had around 79,460 flights in 2019, meaning there was an average of 218 flights a day.
  • In comparison, the next busiest domestic route, Melbourne to Sydney, has about 148 flights a day.

Some of the busiest domestic/international flights in North America.

You can find the full report with more details here: Flight Database & Statistics | Aviation Analytics | OAG

There’s a section to download the full report.

It’s really cool and I recommend reading it. It also shows the busiest routes for regions and continents specifically.

Do any of these statistics surprise you? Personally, I didn’t realize Jeju to Seoul Gimpo had an average of over 200 daily flights. I expected it to be high, but not to that scale.


That’s a lot of flights! Interesting to see the on-time performance too. Melbourne to Sydney back up the top again like last year I see.

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Yeah, but I think MEL-SYD has gone down a bit since 2017 which had around 54,500 flights.

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Wow LGA-YYZ 1st place for north America international 👏💪

Makes sense. I believe Virgin Australia and Jetstar have reduced their frequencies, and some smaller airlines have gone bankrupt (JetGo). Not sure about Qantas or Tigerair Australia. Still a good number, and all the planes are full, and completely full at peak times for business travelers - some of the many daily flights are very expensive, usually the ones at ideal times. Surprisingly Melbourne is the top leisure destinations for travellers from Sydney, but it’s just another city. We could do with another airline competing with the established airlines to drive down prices. The domestic routes in other countries have more options. But apparently Australia “can’t support more than 2.5 airlines”.

Keep in mind this is all occuring while Sydney Airport is closed to commercial traffic from 11pm to 6am.


218 flights a day??? That’s crazy. Imagine being a spotter at any one of those airports…

A lot of these really surprised me. 🤷‍♂️ I guess I wasn’t thinking about Asia enough.

I thought YYC-YVR or YVR-YYZ would be on this

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