Top 10 VAs of 2019 Poll

Hey everyone!

What’s the community’s intake on this? @Infinite_Flight_Sims, this can be very useful for your awards ceremony.

Everyone can give there opinions below. Based on your opinions, I will make a shortlist and a poll to vote.

Give your opinions by 12:30 AM PDT. I will create the poll after that.

Not a part of it, but BAVA. I attended an event and the event post seemed very professional and a lot of effort had been put into the planning.


TUIV, one of the best VA’s in term of community and fun


@anon21968459 for sure… pfft theyre so good and fun, i love that VA! (totally not biased)

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DLVA!!! Fun and professional. There’s no stress. It’s a family!


Haha very funny :)

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He had this on his voting form, he could tell us what the ten most popular are from his list.


That works as well… but I feel a second input would be great. If @Infinite_Flight_Sims wants to use it, he/she can. On top of that, we can see the differences

We do have a nomination for the best VA, VA website, VA staff VO, VO website, VO staff, and #live:va thread. Anyways if you want, you can. As IFCA 2019 voting has already happened, the results will be posted in the next few days. I’ve already used it but if you change it up a bit (not using my nominations), I don’t see a problem with it.

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Best. VA. Ever.

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Sure, no problem! We are completely okay if you have to make changes last minute using our input. If not, we will still compare and see the general difference.

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Staff of VAs and pilots can vote.

I know that the whole point of this thread is to get community input, but there is definitely significant bias (as one would expect) and this can (and has) turned into advertising rather quickly. Users can vote in the IFC awards for something like this. Pilots can check the VA/VO database to find a VA they might like.


Ok hold on…

Eh what’s use? Every VA is unique. Some may be small, and very active. Some may be big and you rarely see pilots. There’s no “Best” VA this will end up into a Top 10 biggest VA’s imo


No staff can vote for their own VA. Pilots may choose to vote for any VA they like.

Let’s see what happens…

@Thunderbolt and @anon41771314, votes don’t count…

As of now, TUIVA, BAVA, and DLVA have been accounted for

reeEEEEEE ok.

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Any other one?