Top 10 Underrated Airports (US Version)

This is a great list! When I fly in the US, I tend to avoid airports like KLAX, KSFO, and KJFK since they get so much traffic. I always fly to airports that just gets no traffic at all because they need more attention.

I used to connect at Charlotte Douglas a lot, but some how never thought of Raleigh Durham… I suppose KRDU also needs some attention as well as KCLT. North Carolina’s airports have some views and they’re also important connection checkpoints too :)

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Lufthansa is restarting Munich to Boston and Charlotte tomorrow, so I will be flying to those two this weekend


KSLC needs to be in here.

Definitely MSP

My favorite airport to fly in.

Definitely agree with PHX

Maybe it gets buildings in 20.3???

100% KATL most of the time I see no planes there at all and that 1 rare time I just only see 3-4 aircraft there while in IRL it’s the worlds busiest airport ,but in game there is little to no movement at the airport.

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I’ve never seen aircraft at KPVD.

Ah well that’s nice to hear. 😑

I just meant to express that I was giving two of the airports in his/her list some love

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I know. I’m just disappointed in Lufthansa haha. 😂

Same situation in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). With the addition of 3D buildings at DCA, BWI and IAD are overlooked.

idk who you are but we’re gonna get along very well 🤝

Why though?

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As good as it sounds, it likely won’t happen anytime soon since the airport is undergoing a big change. It’s pretty much becoming a new airport. However, I wish that IF would go ahead and update the airport and give the new gates/terminals that the airport currently has

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Wait you said restarting? I thought you said retiring. 😂

I’m blind…

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Indeed. I’m from NC so I have flown out of RDU lots of times. Raleigh Durham is also a pretty large and fast growing population center and so it’s been getting a lot of new routes as of late. I almost never see any traffic there in IF even when there is ATC.

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Hmm… Interesting! Maybe next time I should head to Raleigh Durham instead of heading to Charlotte. Goin’ to search for routes right away 🙃

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im suprised you forgot Key west, the scenery is highly underated

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