Top 10 Underrated Airports (US Version)

These airports need some love in Infinite Flight

  1. MCO
  2. ATL
  3. EWR
  4. TPA
  5. PHL
  6. SEA
  7. CLT
  8. BOS
  9. PHX
  10. MSP

If you think any airports within the US belong here, feel free to respond!


Nice topic, points out some and possibly most that are understated but I think this may be a duplicate as well as the mods may close it. Not sure though

Anyways I think TYS is underrated.

Edit: I lied there is no duplicate.


In my opinion, DFW and ORD definitely needs to be in that list


I think about more airport at the KSEA/SEA Airport have fun, enjoy, but unfortunately they won’t new update 3D building to wait in the future.

You are allowed to request 3D objects such as specific types of ground vehicles, airport objects, and more
You cannot request specific 3D airports to be edited
Unique building objects (such as the Eiffel tower) are not permitted in requests
Individual buildings (for example, Hotel A at XYZ) are not permitted in requests, nor are ‘grouped locations’ such as ‘3D Palm Dubai’

Salt Lake City for sure is underrated. Views are amazing in/out of SLC no matter where you look! I hope it becomes 3D in the next update.


I agree DFW needs buildings even tho I might be a little biased because it’s my home airport but it would be so good and it is American main hub after all!


It is actually. Dallas Fort Worth is the 4th busiest airport in the United States, coming next place to ATL, LAX, ORD.

Portland, OR (KPDX) and simply most of the Pacific Northwest


I feel like the state of Montana and Jackson Hole Wyoming are quite underrated despite their scenery.


Ahh yes, a man of culture!

All of the Pacific Northwest is pretty underrated and should get more attention!


The US in general needs more love in IF, the 1/2 players flying there on a daily basis are not enough 🥴


I love ATL, would be amazing to have lots of traffic there to represent how busy it is irl :)

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KBUF Buffalo Niagara International Airport, my home airport

It is actually busier and has more traffic than LAX

Yep. The busiest and the biggest gateway for midwestern United States. Most of the connection flights goes through Dallas.

Favorite airport to fly to


My home International Airport!

I feel people who fly into the New York region, seem to forget KEWR and KLGA exist. Especially if they are flying Southwest or United.


Newark Liberty and LaGuardia really does a big role on dividing domestic flights centralizing on JFK. It should be more widely known, since many connection flights destinate there. I used to live in NYC, and most of the time I came back home from somewhere else my flights landed at EWR, and I took cabs to go back to manhattan. EWR is busy IRL too.

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KRDU is pretty underrated. It’s the 2nd busiest airport in North Carolina. There is lots of routes with some Trans-Atlantic routes as well and is served by pretty much every airline in the US. It’s quite unfortunate I don’t see more people flying out of KRDU.

KPIT is also really underrated. Lots of great scenery with the Appalachian mountains when taking off and landing. It too also has a lot of routes and has some international routes.