[TOP 10 SHOTS] 2019 Spotting Year in Review

As 2019 wraps up, I’d like to share a collection of my top ten personal favorite shots from this year. I still have a few new airports to spot at this year but I won’t be able to edit those in time for the new year. Without further ado, these are, in order, my top ten favorite from this year.

  1. Swiss 777-300ER [HB-JNH] @ ZRH

  1. Lufthansa A350-900 [D-AIXD] @ YYZ

  1. WestJet 787-9 [C-GUDO] @ YYC

  1. Lufthansa A350-900 [D-AIXL] @ YVR

  1. Air North 737-500 [C-FANF] @ YVR

  1. Azores Airlines A321-200NX [CS-TSH] @ YYZ

  1. British Airways 787-9 [G-ZBKB] @ YYZ

  1. Korean Air A380-800 [HL7622] @ JFK

  1. Hyperion Aviation Global 6000 [9H-AMF] @ ZRH

  1. British Airways A350-1000 [G-XWBC] @ YYZ

  • Swiss 777
  • Lufthansa A350 Old
  • WestJet 787-9
  • Lufthansa A350 New
  • Air North 737
  • Azores A321N
  • British Airways 787
  • Korean A380
  • Hyperion Global
  • British Airways A350

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JetPhotos: https://www.jetphotos.com/photographer/133954

Here’s to an even better 2019! Got some amazing spotting trips planned.


Those are some fantastic shots! I love the lighting and how the colors pop. Still trying to figure out how to replicate that stuff on my end, hopefully I’ll learn eventually.


The Lufthansa A350 in the new livery 😍😍awesome pics,Those are really good!


Absolutely Stunning😍😍


Thanks! It’s just practice and a little bit of luck.

Thank you guys


#1 has been my laptop’s desktop background for a few months now! Great pics.

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Oh wow you actually used it, I’m honored.

I’ve gotta say, these are just stunning. They’re awesome, amazing, advanced words that I don’t know but have similar definitions. It’s just, I have no words, they’re awesome!

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Those are STUNNER pictures! Keep up the great work in 2020!

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That last one is definitely my new Background.

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Those are fantastic! Great work Andrew 📸

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Man, I’ve always loved your photos. I just love how bright they are and stand out from others.

These are just amazing! Hands down, amazing.


Incredible shots!!!

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Thank you all!!


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