Top 10 Screenshots - Ban Edition

All pictures were taken on Solo with irrelevant routes, since I did it solely for the purpose of the pictures and left.

Per category rules, editings such as contrast and colour changes are seemingly allowed, so close the topic if those rules were changed and I’m not aware of. (Yes, I did read them. 😂 )

So… I took some pictures while I was banned, I guess…

Starting off with this wonderful contrast on this Oman Air A330!

Next up, a classic: British Airways Queen roaring away from Heathrow!

Following up, this @Canadian_Aviator Airlines Dreamliner making a great combo with the mountains.

And speaking of mountains, this Swiss A319 does not disappoint!

…nor does this House Livery 747-8F!

Still with Boeing House, we have this nice moonshot with the Dreamliner!

Sticking with moonshots, ironically with the plane I despise the most. Looks surprisingly good!

I couldn’t leave a VARIG out, could I?

Finishing off with this amazing cockpit shot on the 777!

I hope you enjoyed them!


Best photo PNG!

Lovely shots, even though I’ve seen them before. 👀

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Bias right there.


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Roblox Studio models with bad lighting be like:
Jokes aside great photos!

Roblox bought IF? 🤯


I wouldn’t put it past them 😆.

I’ve always wanted to take moonshots like this, how do you do it?

Never telling.

Just kidding, just go very far away from the aircraft with the drone cam and zoom in (although the screenshot feature is glitched, so good luck getting the moon on the shot if you use that 💀).

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You’ve been unbanned? Who did this?

Nice Banndo!

btw only 5 photos are allowed now on each topic!

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Rules say 10, so it’s 10.


These are loading screen quality my guy 🔥

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ah alright, where did you take that photo?

Thanks mate!

Doesn’t really matter.

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My favourite photo, what u edit photo with?

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Pre-installed phone editor. 💀

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Real life breeze

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The plane is infinitely better as well. 😛

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Holy dope pictures wow!10/10

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Awesome pictures!