Top 10 Coolest Callsigns

I was on YouTube earlier today and came across this video by the world-famous Captain Joe on YouTube:

Though I don’t typically watch these types of videos, (or even Captain Joe himself), he’s got a pretty cool channel going for him. I actually learned quite a few callsigns I didn’t know about or hear before! I am surprised though, he didn’t mention Acey (or ExpressJet) as a “cool callsign”.

Do you know of any callsigns not mentioned in the video above that you find cool? If so, put them down below!


I got many ;)

Viking – Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia
Springbok – South African Airlines
Blue Streak – PSA Airlines
Waterski – Trans States Airlines
Dynasty– China Airlines
Frontier Flight– Frontier Airlines


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Air Caraibes - French West


Coolest IF callsign is anything that starts with “DLVA…” :)


Before they met their demise, Valujet had the callsign of “Critter” as represented by the little cartoon aircraft on the side of their fleet.


Speedbird-BA and
Cactus-US Airways (Former)
are my favorites.


Velocity-Virgin Australia
Cactus-America West/US Airways

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I like PSA as Bluestreak and Republic as Brickyard

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Easy jet Switzerland - Top Swiss

How is this a personal experience relating to RW Aviation?

Yes, Virgin Australia got on the list! I love Velocity. And Go Cat as well… it’s weird he used a Tigerair Australia A320 photo. Big Bird is sorta cringey, good job Scoot.

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Correction, NokScoot 😉
NokScoot is a JV between Scoot and NokAir. This carrier operates several 777-200ERs which were formely owned by Singapore Airlines. This carrier is based on Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport

And NokScoot is in there lmao. Big Bird 😂

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Coolest callsign?

Has to be Speedbird 1 when it was operated by a Concorde. You can’t argue that going in at Mach 2 and calling in as Speedbird 1 is uncool 😉


I know, but Scoot being the parent company, named the callsign.

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I like the callsign ‘Shamrock’ for Aer Lingus.