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Hi all,

Found this amazing online tool which creates a custom hold and allows you to import it to IF. Found this quite useful. Hope it helps many of you like it helped me


Looks like something that @GHamsz would like.

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Nice tool with some flaw’s,

That is a @GHamsz creation. Would recommend his other tools as well, the radar simulation is pretty addicting.


If you are referencing some unsupported ICAO codes, thats a function of the IF database available at the time I created the tool.

You can always add the lat/long of any location you’d like to hold over, and you’ll be in business.

But how do i import them?

Download to your device. With iOS which is all I can test, they will be saved in a folder named downloads. Not sure where they go with an android device.

From IF, go to the map page and click on it to bring up the menu. Click on the flightplan button, then the double arrows and navigate to the file you saved.

Alternatively, if you overlay the files app on top of IF, you can navigate to the file in the files app and when you click on the file, it will automatically load into IF.

Here’s the map page with the flightplan menu up…


Yeah, noticed the lat/Lon option. Just wondering that those old airfields that where even pre global available in IF where not accessible.

Great tool anyways!

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