Took off and never landed!😠

So I’m like “I’m bored I want to play IF” so I open the app and see that SoCal has a lot of traffic at the moment. (Not that that’s rare)
So I decided to fly the Frontier a318 because FDS just updated the call sign. So I choose to start at KSNA, because their was an active ATC and also because that is an airport that’s never really populated. So I take off and head to KSAN. (My mistake). After I takeoff I’m told to contact Departure. Then I’m out of Departure’s airspace and they tell me to contact San Diego Center. (Good coverage) then I request my approach to RWY 27 at KSAN and I’m vectored in behind several other people. They all land, but when it’s my turn a KLM 747 rolls onto the RWY while I’m on a 5nm final. I started making S-Turns to maintain seperartion. I’m thinking in my head, “why would ATC clear him to line up and wait?” But that ATC didn’t. So he just sat on the runway and I had to go-around. The ATC told him to check the help pages repeatedly after every direction given, but the pilot ignored him. So I reported him. Then I turn base again and the Tower ATC switched and is someone new. Then again I’m on final, the people ahead of me landed and then the ATC tells him to line up and wait after he clears me to land and while the 1,000 feet call out is said. This is my exact face “😑” then I said “Frontier Flight 13 is on Final” he clears him for an immediate takeoff but it was to late, so I went around again… (Sighs) Im on right downwind and I’m about to land again. (There is really no point for this next explanation, you probably already know what happens) So it’s still the same ATC and he clears me to land. I told him I was on final twice. But you know what he does… He clears a 757 for takeoff as I hear the 500 call out. 😡😤 then I go around again but I couldn’t take it, I closed IF and wait straight to the forums. I was going to divert but the closest suitable airport was KSNA. So their was basically no point to start my flight to begin with. But if IF simulated fuel burn and wake turbulence I would’ve been screwed.
LOL, I felt like this was planned😂.
Feedback requested if you have an idea on what I could’ve done.
And do you think this was planned?😂


Was this ATC Playground? If it was, that would explain poor players.

I was Ground Cameron, what was wrong with tower!?!?

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Plus Cameron, the ATC’s name was Deathstroke 😂

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that pic perfectly describes playground, and this is playground you can do waht you want really…


The only people who were actually doing the right thing Cameron and someone called Ghost Rider 5 0 (G4)


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It was Playground. And that pic looks cool

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