Too short range on B777-200LR

The B777-200LR only has a fuel capacity of 18 hours and 19 minutes in IF. However, the flight from Auckland to Doha which is operated with the B777-200LR IRL is 18 hours long. That being said, I don’t think I will be able to fly NZAA - OTHH without running out of fuel. What am I supposed to do?


As you continue flying, your aircraft will get lighter so it will consume less fuel as it goes. Don’t worry you should be fine. For weights and flight planning, I suggest going to


Auckland to Doha is a 17h 30m flight, I haven’t been on it but I k ow that they can’t fill it up to the max

Are you flying realistic speeds and altitudes along your flight plan? Are you also loading your aircraft weight to something reasonable for the length of flight?

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I’ve done this exact flight in IF with realistic loads before. You’ll be fine as long as you step climb and plan appropriately.

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I’m planning on flying at Mach 0.84 (the cruise speed of the B777-200LR) and I will have to load full fuel for sure. My final weight is below MTOW.

Start low with your cruising altitudes.

I flew it a few months ago, as long as you step climb a little and aren’t insanely heavy you will get there with 2+ hours of fuel remaining


By the way the -200LR is a bit dated and the fuel amounts may differ from the actual stats. I have successfully done Auckland to Doha, though. 100% fuel and you’ll be fine.

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Thanks everyone, seems I’ll be fine on this one. I’m planning to start cruising at around FL320.

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Many users have done this flight in the past. It’s fine.
What you see in the Weight & Balance is a rough estimate, not taking winds, decreasing weight and other factors that comes into play.