Too much turbulence?

Hello everyone,

I have been using IF for years now and I find that on almost every single flight, I encounter at least moderate turbulence. Does anyone else feel this way? I think there may actually be too much turbulence in IF, because in real life, it is almost never turbulent for an entire flight, sure you will come across small patches of it, but usually real life flying is smooth. What are your thoughts on this?


Haven’t experienced this, turbulence only (mainly) in autumn and winter or when approaching through/close to thunderstorms, just as IRL in my experience. Probably depends on your routings/areas you fly in (?)

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Okay, I fly in the U.S. in IF a lot and I find that I have turbulence on most flights.

Probably other IF pilots will reply soon. I fly mainly in Europe and as I said the turbulence is very reasonable and correct from my personal experience.


It depends on your FL
you can watch at there you can see where it’s windy in real life and compare it to IF
but you have to see that you’ve chosen the right FL on


But the amount of wind doesn’t really tell you turbulence, you could have a 200kt crosswind but have no turbulence.

The winds in IF are definitely accurate, I’m just wondering about turbulence


Turbulence is supposed to be drawn from real world conditions as well.

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What aircrafts are you flying normally?

Typically airliners

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Okay then I can’t really help you I just have it sometimes with the 320 or 737 family

I fly the 737 and A320 a lot

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Then it’s normal in IF I think

I know it’s normal for IF, I’m wondering if the amount of turbulence is realistic.

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Well it really depends on where you are and the flight level you’re at.

I’ve been on flights that are shaking the entire flight due to turbulence, and also flights that are really smooth.

There orange and red(red color indicates that the turbulence is more severe) boxes are the areas that are having turbulence right now in the US and Europe.


Where do you got this from?

As a person who flies a lot in Europe it seems reasonable for me.

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It just depends on the real weather really, fly above Alps and feel turbulence, fly above the Sahara and feel like in orbit.

Pilots who record timelapses tell it often, they need to be patient because it’s rarely all smooth (I’m talking about milky-way videos).

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MaxSez: Here’s your Reference for pre-Flight;


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When I fly in or out of Chicago I get CRAZY turbulence

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