Too Much SoCal?

First of all, I have respect for the ATC I know its pretty hard to control a ton of people. I’ve noticed that there is always a ton of ATC in SoCal, but not much in any other regions. Theres nothing wrong with this as I love flying SoCal, but I want to experience a few other regions as well. Do you think you guys could start expirimenting with some different regions like the Caribbean or Amsterdam?? Much appreciated!


The advanced controllers skip around from region to region often.


Thanks Carson, that probably explains it, I’m stuck on playground for now.


On the PG, it is a “lawless” land for ATC-They don’t have much organization and ATC goes where the pilots go for the most part. This in turn brings in more pilots. Advanced ATC has behind-the-scenes operations and on purposely switches the regions around. There is a region of the week for FNFs wih the hopes of shuffling around region usage.


I personally enjoy the busyness of the SoCal region. Being from the Los Angeles area I’m a total fan of all the ATC attention.

People would actually fly in Sydney if that was the automatic starting location. People are just too lazy. They pick the first gate at the first airport in the first region.


I agree! We need more ATC in other regions! Just because SoCal is big doesn’t mean ATC has to be there!

But remember, Many people in Expert also love SoCal too with their beautiful scenery 😉. And because SoCal is free and have many big airports too


That is true… but I would not mind seeing ATC in other places.

SoCal is SoCal in IF so there is a really low chance to change the popular flight location of TS1.

I eould love for SoFlo to get more love you can actually make a real flight or 3 even in ut