Too much fuel in smaller aircraft

If I was to put fuel into my aircraft and it is too much or miscalculated, what would I have to do in order to land below MLW? Would I just have to hold and do a few 360s? (For the smaller aircraft)
I’m sorry if I answer my own question but I wondered if there was anything I was missing.

Technically you would have to go into a hold until you were below MLW, though in IF you can do whatever you wish. I recommend staying as realistic as possible though! You should also plan so that when there you are way below MLW.

Hope this helps!

Nothing is going to prevent you from landing if you are over MLW. It just makes it more fun and increases your risk of crashing.

Yes, doing a lot of 360s to burn fuel is about your only option.


@TayViation… MaxSez: Best practices: Fly inverted, fuel will leak from the fuel tank vent hole in the tank cap. Eventually you’ll reach acceptable landing weight. Regards


LMFAO over here. 😂😂🤧


You ever tried that before Max?


He Probably has…

Wouldn’t be surprised.


I wouldn’t put it past him, I wouldn’t want to experience it myself though.
R.I.P to anyone standing below!

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I just think that FDS should add an ATC announcement saying that you are over NOW and need to hold. Because when I usually do 360s, they always say 'Please follow instructions and 'Check Help Pages '. I mean I have no other option

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