Too many violations... 😉

Good evening,

This afternoon, I flew from KLAX to KONT in an AF 777-200. While approaching KONT, Joe Ball who was controlling Tower did not give me clearence to land due to traffic. The airport was not taking inbound flights. I perfectly understand him. It was his event and the airport was quite busy. I decided to fly to my alternate, KPOC. I unfortunately did not check If I could land with my 777. When I touched, I received a caution. As soon as I started applying reverse, I started receiving violations every second lol. I immediately left the game but I still got 2 violations (did not have the time to stop and exit) and my standing went from 100% to 99% 😞

Is there any way to just get 1 violation per flight and per fault? I was really sad after this flight…

Thanks a lot,


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oh I apologize. I was trying to deal with a lot of traffic at once and there were some people who weren’t listening to me. I’m sorry :’(

He isn’t blaming you at all joe. He just landed at an airport too small for his aircraft. The violations every second do seem a little extreme though.


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Nah, I don’t really care :P

Don’t complain about your pidly two violations…at one time I got four when the WiFi disconnected for about a min and when it was stable again …l was speeding down a taxiway in an F14 at over 100 kts on the playground server and had to log off quickly to avoid even more…hope you do not get invited to a party like that one day…just saying…