Too many violations


I was doing a flight from EHAM to TNCM in the 747-400, and everything seemed to go as normal, until the descent. I was just passing 10000ft with an IAS of 260 knots, a little to fast. I saw the warning in the top of my screen (saying that my speed should be lower than 250 knots below 10000ft.) and I immediately stopped descending and started climbing again. (Since everything happened so fast, i forgot to lower my speed). I got a violation and, lowered my speed to a IAS of 230 knots, and started my descend into TNCM once again. Once I had landed, I looked at my stats, and saw that I had 4 violations instead of 1. I know that you can get multiple violations for the same thing, but somehow I got 4 violation in less than 15 seconds, because that’s about the time it took me to get the plane above 10000ft.
My question is, how could i get 4 violations in less than 15 seconds?
(Sorry for my bad English)

Kind regards, Noah

Hey there!

You sure that you didn’t break any rules throughout the flight?

You say you forgot to lower your speed, how long did it take to get below 250 knots? If it was a short time I do agree it is a little strange as the most you could get in a small amount of time is 2.


It takes way more than 15 seconds to get 4 violations.
I’d say you flew at a higher speed at too low altitude for longer than you think. That is the most likely cause.


Well, it took me about 15 seconds, if not less, to get above 10000ft, but I can’t remember what my speed was, since it all happened so fast. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t get any other violations. But there’s nothing that can be done about these violations, so ima life on.

Yeh you shoulda only got 2 violations, you sure nothing else happened during the flight? Or you flew overspeed for too long

Yeah, I’m 100% sure nothing else happened along the way. I’m just as suprised as you are.

There always seems to be this confusion between “I lowered my speed to X KIAS” when what really matters is “my actual speed was x KIAS”.

It is entirely possible to set your speed to 230 but have it climb above 250 again by descending, especially if steeply in a 747.

When you say you were going 230, what you mean is your AP was set to 230. That isn’t the same thing.

[You’ll swear up and down that no it was actually 230 you watched it the whole time there was no way, etc, so don’t worry, I’ll just assume that’s your response. But you don’t have any video or photographic evidence of phantom violations, making this only the 1,482,436th time the system has assigned them with 0 photos or videos produced of it as of yet.]