Too many trolls in KLAX

Come on Lax

Hey sorry for the poor experience. May I ask what server you are on?

Training server!

Yeah LAX is a hot spot and people on the training server may not be as experienced on Infinite Flight. Unfortunately not much can be done but to fly on the expert server. If you have any questions let me know. I advise you to fly away from the major hubs on the server as many trolls can be found at those busy hubs. There are thousands of amazing places to discover outside the hubs.

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Expert server it’s going to end badly

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don’t expect much from training server actually a lot are not trolls just folks who don’t know what they are doing or in a hurry

I’m not sure why you say that. If a troll is discovered on Expert Server while at an airport with active ATC, you know that they will be reported

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On expert IFATC does their best to keep KLAX under control when it is being controlled. @Alina_Bridges ur comment makes no since.

As for training server get can get rough. Push harder to get to ES and have a more realistic experience.

Imagine if trolls trolls trolls raided expert server

Imagine those trolls getting level 3 vios and taking a one week vacation. Anyways, gonna leave it as that unless the OP has any more questions.


Trolls trolls trolls = reports reports reports

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I don’t know why I said trolls trolls trolls trolls

Please PM the person.

Ok that’s all bye

This is about trolling. Please refrain from being off topic.

Hey dont fight in here;;

If you look hard enough, you can sometimes find our resident IF troll by the name of Sebastian wandering around. Be careful - he might eat you whole if you don’t behave.